Top Best Windows 10 Entertainment Apps

The Microsoft store on window 10 devices does not feature many applications like apple’s app store or google’s play store as it features selected applications, which you can use for different purposes. Moreover, the best thing about entertainment apps for window 10 is that you will find a wide array of applications from personalized applications to fully developed program, which would help you boost the productivity level, but in reality, finding these applications on the search bar of Microsoft store and discovering the right application could be a daunting task.

However, if you are looking for the best application for your laptop or pc, here is a list of the best window 10 entertainment applications that you can install on your laptop and make the most out of it. But before you move forward and install the application, you should know that some applications will misbehave in case you don’t have an active window. Thus, it would be better for you to watch a tutorial for activating your window, or you can get it reinstalled by the genuine window installer.


Best Windows 10 Entertainment Apps

  • Vlc

Have you ever thought that the most popular VLC media player would be available on window 10? It is supported by window ten and looks much better than the pc version, which is the main reason you need to get it. The application supports various video formats like mp4, avi, Mkv, and many more. Apart from these features, it also provides several other features, such as sync audio and video, to add subtitles and allow you to use video as a live wallpaper. Thus, VLC is among the best media players that you can install on your window 10 devices.

  • Spotify Music

Spotify music is also programmed for window 10, which will be available on the window store that means you do not have to download the software for the desktop version in order to enjoy some great music. The window application will provide you with every single feature, which is available on the Spotify application.

Thus, you must have this application for all podcasts and music lovers, especially those looking to discover some great music. The best thing about this music app is that it has a clean user interface, you can simply use the application, and it will syncs all your data over the platform. Moreover, you can connect the application to both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Tidal

Another excellent application for streaming music online, tidal, has a great music library compared to Spotify, making it a bit expensive and, for music lovers, a go-to application. Moreover, it delivers a Hi-fi audio output that means it is excellent for those looking for quality and thousands of music to stream; tidal is the best option they have got for window 10. One should know that tidal is not available in numerous location like Spotify that means some of you may not be able to stream music on tidal.

These are the best entertainment applications for window 10 that you can download and use on your window 10 devices.