Thinking Of Switching Whatsapp- Here Are Some Of The Best Alternatives That You Can Consider

Whatsapp is the most popular application which is used for chatting and makes contacts with people all around the world. It is a free application, but in the past, this application has faced some privacy issues after it becomes part of Facebook. And that is the reason that people want to switch this application from another.

So for that purpose, you do not have to worry because there are many trusted applications that you can install on your mobile or desktop and make contacts with your friends and family. These applications are safe and end-to-end encryption so0 that you can enjoy the communication without worrying about privacy. Here we have listed some of the alternatives that you can use in replacement of Whatsapp and try!

Alternative for Whatsapp

If you are thinking of selecting another alternative in place of whatsapp, you can find some best applications. Some of those applications are mentioned below-

  • Signal- 

    It is one of the most popular applications for chatting and has high security and privacy level for its users. One of the unique features that you can experience from Signal is that it will automatically delete the message once you set the timer. It is just like whatsapp, and you can send messages, make groups, make video calls, and voice calls. The best part is this will work on your mobile as well as on your laptop. You can use this application Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.

  • Discord- 

    This application is basically for gamers, as they can send handy text and voice chats on that. It is a secured application that can work on mobile as well as on desktop. It is the means of communication for gamers that can connect them while playing the game for free. You can use this application on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.

  • Telegram- 

    Just like the other application, Telegram also offers you end-to-end encryption for the communication you do. The best thing is you can send the message on telegram in a chat which can be up to 200,000 people or users. It can send the message to people faster than any other application. You can download this application on Android, iOS, Windows, Linus, MacOS.

  • Google Hangouts

    – If you want something to replace whatsapp, then Google Hangout is just perfect for you. You can get contacts and chat with all of your friends via Gmail. You can install this application on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone separately. But you cannot use this application to chat with your friends who do not have an account on Gmail. You can do anything, create groups, send files, do chatting and make voice/video calls. You can install this application on the platform such as Window phones, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS.

So, if you are looking for a replacement for whatsapp, then you may find some best alternatives and make your account on that.