Have You Deleted Something That You Were Not Supposed To Delete?

Your smartphone is home to a lot of memories that you have captured once in your lifetime. But that is not everything that you have on your mobile phone! Your phone can also be home to many of such things that you do not require anymore, and at that time, you can start deleting the files that you feel are not of your need. But sometimes, unknowingly, you delete some of the files that were of use for you, and now you are regretting it’s deleting.


Sometimes it is just regret, and sometimes, it can be like you will need it back in your device; otherwise, it can get worse for you. Let say if you have unknowingly deleted the office files that are highly important for you. What will you do know? Well, now it is time that you learn how to recover deleted files? And only then will you be able to get back your important files or pictures back.

How to Recover Deleted Files

Ways to get them back

However, there are many ways using which one can get their deleted files back, but one should learn the best possible ways using which you will be all set and ready to get the deleted files back in your smartphone. Some of the best ways of getting them back are mentioned below, and you can go through them easily:-


Check the recycle bin

You might think that this is a step that you can do on your computer only, but no, it is not like that you also get a recycle bin in your smartphone. Yes, you will surely get a recycle bin in your smartphone; when you delete any of the files or pictures from your phone, it directly goes to recycle bin, and after that, it can go permanently if you delete or it passes the decided deadline. But if you are interested in getting it back, you can get it from the recycling bin, and all you have to do is restore it from there.


Check if you have taken backup:

Well, if you have taken a backup of data that you had in your smartphone, then there is a chance that you will get the deleted items back. If you have previously taken a backup of the items you had on your phone, and after that, if you have deleted them permanently from your phone, you can still get it back as Google will have it for you. Your Google drive can serve you as your locker room that has kept many of your documents and photos stored in there.


Use recovery apps

Well, it is also one of the options to get your data back, there are many android applications that you can download on your smartphone, and by using those applications, you can make a try to get the deleted files back. The applications will work when you download them on your mobile and give the permissions that they are asking for. Hence these applications can be an answer to how to recover deleted files?