5 Best Android Applications That Are Available In Your Android Phone

With the advancement in technology, people nowadays are getting fond of these technologies by using the android phone. On the android phone, you will get so many applications that you can use which can help you in many of your daily life purposes. These applications help people in finding their direction and way, and they get to know even about future weather.

Top 5 android applications

Here are some top android applications that everyone with an android phone can use. Most people are already familiar with them and are using them, but those who do not have the knowledge about that can read it in the following points-

Google Drive

Google Drive is the storage solution or cloud storage that is available on Android. Any new user gets 15 GB of space when they sign for the first time, and a person can even buy more if they want to. Google drive includes such as Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google docs, and many more.

Google Maps

Google map is a navigation app that will tell you about the direct, and it is one of the best android applications. You will get the new update in the maps almost weekly and adds so many new features. The Google map will give you the details regarding the places where you want to go, the traffic data and directions to the gas station, and others. There are many GPS options that you can choose from.

Google search/Google assistance

This is one of the powerful applications of all time; in this application, you can do anything you want. If you are looking for anything, you will get your solution here. It has the other version called Google assistance, where you can just ask them anything by turning on the mic, and they will work accordingly. It supports all of your commands, and the best thing is it is free, not like the other.


If you want to know about the weather details of tomorrow, you do not have to worry about that. It is because with the help of Weather application you will be able to know not only the current weather but also forecast the Weather of the next 12 weeks. It is the free version of the application with advertising.

LastPass Password Manager

It is an essential application that you need to have because it helps in managing the password just to keep all of your information and data safe & secure. LastPass Password Manager can work on any platform so that you can use it on a laptop, computer, mobile tablet, or any other device. It is an authentic application if you want additional security for your device.

From here, you may have got an idea of which is five most needed and best application in android phones that you can use. Every application has its own benefits and works according to that, and if you use them, your life will even become a little less stressful.