What Are The Best GPS Navigation Apps?

If you are looking for the best GPS navigation apps, you will find many applications for that. It can be a bit confusing to choose one because all are the best, but still, they have some different features. That will make it a little bit easy for you to choose, and you can download the application on your Smartphone and make use of that. Some of these applications are just for navigation, but others have some integrated features, which makes them different and more advanced from others.

Best GPS Navigation Applications

Here you will get to know about some of the best GPS Navigation Apps in no particular order and tell them about their features. It will make it easy for you to choose one and then download the best for you. Some of those applications are mentioned in the following points-

Google Maps

It is one of the best navigation applications that will work in any form of transportation; even if you are walking somewhere then also it will share the location and let you know the location where you want to go. It is the most trusted application that most people use; it also tells you about the traffic issue so that you can avoid the traffic. Google maps tell the people about the distance and time in which they will reach their destination.

Top 5 Free GPS Navigation Apps


The Waze application mostly tells about the traffic information, as it stands apart because of its crowdsources information related to traffic. It will tell you about the accidents, police, road closure, construction, and other traffic-related updates so that you can go on some alternative route. It also gives you updates on gas prices, and if you want, you can connect the application with Facebook and share your location on a timeline.


It is a desktop application that you can also install on your smartphones, the main focus of this application is on the maps and driving directions, and it will also offer navigation turn-by-turn and also shares the information related to traffic. Mapquest provides you the details regarding the fact that from where you can find the best gas price.


Maps.me is the highest quality map application in the world and offers so many features such as auto-follow mode, turn-by-turn navigation, and the data related to traffic. If you are online, you can also share your location with your friends, and it also offers the fully offline functioning option in which you can search for the places like ATMs or restaurants.

Scout GPS

It is also known as the ‘only social navigation app’ and just has the normal features, which include the navigation turn-by-turn and gives you the traffic information and also shares the updates related to speed. It also recommends you the restaurant nearby which has been offered by their users. It also texts the people automatically and tells them about your arrival time.

A person can choose any of the applications from the above, but always check all the features before choosing and then download one.