Trusted Sites to Bitcoin & Crypto in the USA

Bitcoin is one of the popular virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies, which operates on a decentralized network peer-to-peer network created by bitcoin users with their computing power and software. Moreover, you can use bitcoin to make digital purchases or even invest in stock using bitcoins.

To exchange currency and get the best value for a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you are required to have to register with the most reliable and efficient bitcoin exchange present in the market. Though there are numerous bitcoin exchanges, which are promising various features, one should be aware of the reliability of the exchanges. So, to help you choose the best bitcoin exchange available in the USA, here is a list of the best site for buying bitcoin in the USA.

  • Coinbase

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, then coinbase is the right one for beginning your crypto journey. It is one of the most recognized top leaders in the united states with over 43 million verified users and has a clean record for providing genuine exchange services to the industry.

Moreover, one should know that they are offering their services at reasonable rates and providing access to many cryptocurrencies. They stored most of their users’ assets in offline cold storage, which provides an excellent level of security. However, one should know that it charges a high fee for larger transactions as well as debit card transactions.

  • Etoro

With its friendly user interface, it is among the best bitcoin exchange apps for beginners as it provides practice accounts, which allow you to understand the working of the bitcoin capital. Thus, you will get around $100000 virtually in your practice account so that you can learn how to trade.

Moreover, they will also provide you with a copy-trading system, which enables you to learn from the strategies of other users. But one should know that purchasing bitcoin on this platform has a spread fee of 0.75% and higher charges on other cryptocurrencies.

  • Robinhood

Next on the list is Robinhood, which allows you to trade bitcoin without charging any commission fees that means you can buy or sell bitcoin whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, the interface of the platform is more like stock trading, which means you won’t face any problem in trading bitcoin. However, one should consider that it only supports few cryptocurrencies and does not offer a withdrawal option for transferring bitcoin to a crypto-wallet.

  • Coinmama

Another on the list is coinmama, which provides you with instant bitcoin purchases with numerous options for payments and high limits that means you will get fast delivery of bitcoin orders. You can easily transfer bitcoin to any crypto-wallet. The best thing about coinmama is that it allows you to set up your account quickly and offer you numerous funding options. But one knows that it has a complicated fee structure, charges a 5% extra fee for delivering instantly, and does not support ach bank transfers.

These are the top sites for buying bitcoin in the USA, so make sure you choose the bitcoin exchanges.